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So I continue on with social networking, it's something I have taken to much better than blogging if I confess. But I am prolific, I have a linked-in account, a Facebook account and an Xing account (the latter of which is rather stagnant at the moment). But I begin to realise that my business is now more and more about conglomerations of business contacts than it is about the company I work for.

Today I was asked about how someone would setup a particular broadcast network, then another time I am asked about if I could help someone with some other activity, then someone who would have been considered an arch-rival in business until recently calls and asks if we can provide them our technology (of course, at a price). It is all just contacts and clouds of people working together to achieve someone's goals.

But the networking is not just virtual, some of these deals happened on-line, others were the result of meeting someone at an event, but it's all just networking. Someone sees the potential in you and despite the traditional barriers they ask "for the good of my business I can work with this person".

"Enterprise sans frontiers."