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End of Season

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Christmass came and went. Ah well, a new year is ahead now. It was really very different. It was the very first christmas in my life that I had to celebrate without my family or, to be more precise, only part of my family. It was beautiful however, something was missing, something that wasn't there, something that was left in the wrong place at the wrong time…my parents. Regarding the New Year eve that was the loneliest ever. Me being seated in the sofa, sick, strugling to keep my eyes open for the advent of the new year watching Monty Python's 'The Life of Brian'. 

One whole year has passed already since I arrived in this country with one piece of luggage and the cookie bear in my back pack. One whole year of stress, worries, challenges, failure and success. I tasted them all, I possessed them all but most importantly I wan't alone. I was also loved a lot. 

Aspirations for the year that lays ahead? Plenty, being a bit more secure, even wiser, better equipped, I dare say even more greedy and demanding from my life; I keep my eyes fixed in the path in front of me. It won't be easy but it is a path I chose. And as a good friend told me before I leave Ioannina '…..those who deserve; the good ones, have options, thus choices…'